Through the Dark Sea

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The Fringe Gallery, 2005,   Edmonton, Alberta

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Jorunn and Sidsel


One year ago Agnieszka Matejko and I decided to collaborate and put together our installations. This became a wonderful opportunity for me to explore and to “revisit” memories of my twin sister Jorunn who died of breast cancer six years ago.

This intensely personal subject carries the risk of becoming a memorial to one person. However, it is my hope that this work reaches anyone who has experienced a loss and whose memories will find an echo in my installation.

I have chosen photographs that show Jorunn as I remember her most: brave, strong and with a will to live her life to the fullest despite her illness. The sea was very much part of our life together. She lived on two islands, one in Norway and one in Spain. We spent countless hours together on the beaches looking over the vast oceans.

All the elements in this exhibition - rocks, sand and most importantly the water - have strong connections to the memory of my sister.

I hope that the viewer will find a moment of peace and reflection here as they join me on the journey of recovery. As one psychologist wisely once told me. “Your emotional pain must be lived through for it to be lessened and gradually eliminated”. This process is for me - and perhaps for you - like a long journey through the dark sea.

Sidsel Naess Bradley

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